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Create stunning feature stories, no code required

Build immersive, interactive features that your readers will love, without hiring developers.

  • Create interactive scrollytelling stories with your existing media assets.
  • Include breathtaking data visualisations, including maps, graphs, and charts.
  • Have developers in your team? Use them to optimise your stories with custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Breathtaking sponsored content

Delight your partners with world-beating sponsored feature stories and native advertising.

  • Create sponsored content that looks as great as the best visual stories on the web.
  • Share secure story preview links with clients and easily get pre-publication feedback.
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Drive subscriptions

Build your reputation for high quality content, and give your readers a compelling reason to subscribe.

  • Blow away the competition with stunning, world-beating visual stories.
  • Publish your Shorthand content behind your existing paywall solution.

Embed your third-party tool or code

Built a compelling data visualisation using a third-party tool or platform? No problem!

  • Embed charts and graphs from Flourish, Tableau, Microsoft BI, Google, Mapbox, and more.
  • Include your bespoke data visualisation using our custom code block.
  • Shorthand supports custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on applicable plans.
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Check out these stunning longform features — built with Shorthand

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Shorthand has transformed how we produce our digital longform journalism. From the beginning, we were able to produce stories which were far more visually engaging than our own CMS allows us to do.

Ronan Hughes, Output Editor, Sky News

Shorthand stories published by Stuff usually have really high engagement. Generally, we see two to three minutes, which is really high. And most of our stories also see over 70,000 pageviews — sometimes much more than that.

Kathryn George, Digital Designer, Stuff

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